The You-Me Drive

The You-Me Drive Kickstarter project was launched 2016 Oct 26 at 23:55 : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/inventio/you-me-drive

and failed to reach its funding goals on 2016 Nov 25. It was fun making the videos, and Kickstarter really pushed the project forward.

It would have been nice to be able to develop the You-Me Drive full-time, but the project is very much alive as a spare time project.

I also learned just how hard it is to explain what the You-Me Drive is actually for...


Hello, my name is Howerd Oakford and this is my You-Me Drive website.










The You-Me Drive (YMD) is a combination of USB Flash Drive, Wi-Fi module and secure software, which aims to replicate the trust network currently provided by centralised institutions such as banks.


Groups of up to 256 You-Me Drives communicate with each other over an existing Wi-Fi network to backup secure data, and also have the ability to unlock forgotten passwords and replace lost You-Me Drives, by means of a consensus of You-Me Drive Group members.


“The You-Me Drive is a personal identity device that aims to connect important data to real, trusted people”


The first You-Me Dongle prototype

The first You-Me Drive prototype


We are requesting funding to achieve :


Phase 1


Feasibility study using existing hardware, (such as the ZSUN Wireless Wi-Fi USB Smart Card Reader pictured above), and a user interface programmed on a Windows PC, beta test of the YMD system.

Open discussion of security policies, and usage possibilities.

Defining the requirements document for Phase 2.


£80k, rewards of evaluation software and You-Me Drive prototypes (fully operational, but with security limited to the security of the PC).


Phase 2


Design and development of :

Secure You-Me Drive hardware

Secure You-Me Drive Wi-Fi firmware

YMD-Boot firmware

Graphical user interface software.

Marketing and sales of You-Me Drives and YMD Group IDs.


£500k, rewards of YMD Boot software (Operating System replacement) and secure You-Me Drive production units.




On request...




View The You-Me Drive Kickstarter proposal in PDF format here :


PDF file : http://you-me.one/You-Me_Drive_2016Oct01.pdf

SHA-256 = 21b461330473198f470c0ac8b645065eea0784c5c02b6c3ca4932f23842484d0

MD5 = 849ee448023c0c404dd80edfca40cfcd

Revenue Streams


The You-Me Drive project provides four sources of revenue:


1. Sale of the You-Me Drive software

2. Sale of You-Me Drive hardware with unique ID numbers

3. Configuration of You-Me Drives into a YMD Group

4. Authorisation of decryption, deletion or editing of YMD files