Phase 2 Strong Crypto

The You-Me Drive


Phase 2


Phase 1 will have defined the requirements for Phase 2 in detail :


Phase 2 will consist of the design and development of :


1. Secure You-Me Drive hardware. This will be very similar to existing hardware, selected and/or modified to maximise security, for example by using a single chip Wi-Fi module with protected on-chip FLASH storage for the firmware.


2. Secure You-Me Drive Wi-Fi firmware. This will again be developed to maximise security, and will combine Wi-Fi networking and file and metadata storage on a single chip, to avoid eavesdropping on the connections between chips in the YMD.


3. YMD-Boot firmware will allow a PC or laptop to boot from the YMD, avoiding the security weaknesses of most, if not all, available operating systems - for example firmware upgrades will only be possible after a consensus vote.

The firmware will be as simple as possible, based on colorForth or similar programming environment.

4. A graphical program on the PC, supplied by the YMD-Boot firmware in the YMD, will provide a simple, consistent user interface, allowing text entry and display, file saving and restoring as well as a consensus voting scheme.


Marketing and sales of You-Me Drive and YMD Group IDs will, if all goes well, make the You-Me Drive a profitable product.